About Us

The Desire of the Den… is to provide a safe, clean, and fun environment where dogs can enjoy their day, while their owner is away! Many pets spend the day in a cage, a pen, or all alone in the house. At the Doggy Den, our guests can exercise in the indoor and outdoor play areas, swim in the wading pools, and play with fun toys together, satisfying the pack instinct. There are areas to take naps and have a session with a professional groomer. Baths and pet-a-cures are available too! Our facility is personally supervised daily by the owners, and staffed with professional and passionate dog lovers! We welcome your special family member to stay with their friends at The Doggy Den, and join our family whenever you can’t be with them at home.

Why would anyone take their dog to daycare? Our dogs miss us as soon as we leave the house and can’t wait to greet with us when we come back! If you have a dog, you see the pure joy and excitement in their eyes when they have someone to spend time with. Doggy Daycare provides a place where dogs can be dogs, where the “rules” are few, and fun is the order of the day! Our dogs need to run, need to socialize, and need to belong. They need daycare because, just like us, they are relational “people”.

At The Doggy Den, our guests run to the door that leads to the play yard, anxious to see their friends on the other side and excited to rejoin the pack for another day.

“Everything I know, I learned from dogs.” – Nora Roberts